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The Kingdom of Eswatini

Vaya Trails


Vaya Trails work with a number of rural communities in Eswatini exploring the country and sourcing trails that show off the superb landscapes of Eswatini. Vaya Trails have connected existing footpaths and animal tracks to craft a bespoke network of trails – short or long, easy or difficult – that caters for everyone. They now have a portfolio of routes, and guides to take you, on foot, through the Kingdom’s most splendid regions.

Vaya Trails believe there are many ways we can help protect our environment and that sharing our scenic and cultural wonders with the communities who inhabit them, and with you, is a step in the right direction to preserving our natural heritage.

All trails are guided, with one guide for every 6 guests, and can range from:

Full day: for the fit and strong hiking enthusiast. Half day: for people who are fit and strong but have less time to spare.

1 hour: if you are not really an avid hiker, or have very little time to spare but want to get out into the countryside.

All trails are fully customisable and can be adjusted to meet your needs, your time and your level of fitness.

Gentle: Suitable for people of all ages, including children and seniors, who are in fair condition. Type of terrain is flat, to sloping hills with little increase in elevation. Hiking distances range from 2 km to 5 km.

Moderate: Suitable for people of most ages who are in decent condition and have some previous hiking experience. Terrain might include rocks or obstacles with moderate increase in elevation. Hiking distances range from 3 km to 8 km.

Challenging: Suitable for people of most ages, who are in good condition, and have previous experience hiking longer distances. Terrain might include rocky sections, river crossings or significant elevation gain. Hiking distances of 8 km to 15 km.

For further information and to book a tour with Vaya Trails, using the enquiry button on this page.