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SKRUM introduces the game and passion of rugby into the schools and communities of Eswatini where it also delivers it HIV/AIDs and female empowerment programmes. SKRUM has visited over 650 schools in Eswatini with the its message of Pass The Ball, Not The Virus and the country has embraced the game of rugby with enthusiasm.

SKRUM offer tailor-made programmes for a small number of volunteers each year, working and living alongside the local staff in Eswatini. Volunteers, male and female 18+, are needed to assist the Swazi coaches in delivering the HIV awareness and gender equality training programmes.

(Please note SKRUM do not arrange general tours around Eswatini and only work with individuals wanting to volunteer with the organisation.)

Volunteers do not need to be qualified or professional players but need to be happy to get involved with basic rugby sessions.  For those that wish to develop their rugby SKRUM offer the opportunity to take the World Rugby Level 1 coaching course.  Placements can also be tailored towards teaching or focusing on the female empowerment programme

Volunteers pay a placement price which includes local transfers, quality accommodation and meals, transport to coaching placements, named kit, local sim card and a donation to the charity. 4 weeks placements are recommended however SKRUM placements are flexible to fit with the volunteers.

For more information on volunteering with SKRUM visit the website or download this PDF.

Schools are welcomed to join the SKRUM Schools Partnership Programme where they will be paired with a Eswatini school which matches their age group. It is hoped that the partner schools will visit their Eswatini partners through SKRUM, develop pen-pal relationships with the children and arrange fundraising initiatives to support the charity.  In return SKRUM will assist the schools with assembly information and classroom packs.  For more information on the SKRUM Schools Partnership Programme please visit the website

If you would like to donate to SKRUM please click here