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The Kingdom of Eswatini

NoLu Events & Tours


NoLu Events & Tours are an Eswatini Tour Operator offering a range of tours of the country. See below for a variety of tours.

NoLu Events & Tours offers

1.Capital crusade (city tour).
This is a professionally guided tour around the city centre including visits to monumental statues and craft market amongst other places. These tours shall be eye opening in terms of the normal Swaziland town folk lifestyle. This tour take about 2 nights one day to complete.
 2. Cultural enrichment 
This shall involve tours to the main historic and cultural sites in the country and visits to rural areas where they still live like in the olden days. This tour reveals the Swazi-culture and customs, traditional Paintings and art, the county’s history, as well as the traditional lifestyle. The tour package includes refreshments, lihiya, information folder, and a guided tour and takes one to two days depending on the customers’ specifications.
3. The essence “past and present” city and culture tour 
This is a combination of the cultural and the city centre excursion and it is a “total package” enabling tourists with little time to appreciate the Swazi lifestyle, both the present and the past. The tour invariably takes from two full days to a maximum of 5 days and includes an  information folder, guided tour, lihiya and refreshments.
4. The overall package
This is ideal for tourists with little time to spend in the country where we just cover the whole country in one night, one day and cover specific places of Interest according to customer specification. This tour includes a detailed booklet of the places visited and “lihiya”