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The Kingdom of Eswatini

South West Eswatini

Scenic Splendour

The magnificent rolling highveld uplands of South West Eswatini (Swaziland) extend west over the border into South Africa and are cut by the Great Usuthu, the country’s largest river which flows east across the region. That grand river is joined by its tributaries, the Ngwempisi and Mkondvo, along impressive valleys from the south. Today this is perhaps the least visited region in Eswatini, much of its traffic being in transit. However, this belies its historical significance. Ngwane III, founder of the Swazi nation, established his first ceremonial capital near Nhlangano, today the region’s only large town. It was via this route from the south that many early settlers arrived, including Eswatini’s first missionaries, who established the country’s first church, which can still be visited at Mahamba.

The region’s dramatic and beautiful scenery can be accessed most readily at a handful of locations. Ngwempisi is a truly stunning, wild and untouched wilderness area which can be explored with the help of community guides. Nkonyeni is a beautiful area that has been developed as a golf estate and now offers a few extra activities. And in the far south, Mahamba Gorge has trails through some impressive scenery and is a great location for birds. It also has community-run accommodation.

Where to Go in South West Eswatini
A picturesque rocky valley with Eswatini's first church, and the furthest settlement in the South West.
An untouched wilderness ready to be explored, along with community run accommodation.
Stunning scenery surrounds this settlement with a royal past, holding a special meet between King Sobhuza II and King George VI.
One of a kind in Eswatini, with lush fairways, luxury accommodation and an array of activities.
Accommodation in South West Eswatini
Olive Country Lodge
Great Usutu River & Big Bend
Rustic lodge near Big Bend with variety of accommodation options
Mahamba Gorge Lodge
Mahamba Gorge
Secluded stone cottage lodge overlooking the Mahamba Gorge.
Swazi Dreams
Ngwempisi Wilderness
Traditional Beehive Huts set in the untouched Ngwempisi Wilderness
Phumula Guest House
Nhlangano & The Grand Valley
Luxurious guesthouse with picturesque gardens in a tranquil location.
Bushbaby Lodge @ Nkonyeni
Nkonyeni Golf Estate
Modern and peaceful lodge pitched on the popular Nkonyeni Golf Estate.
Nkonyeni Lodge
Nkonyeni Golf Estate
High-end accommodation with set within the stunning Nkonyeni Golf Estate.
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