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The Kingdom of Eswatini

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I went to Swaziland with World Challenge in July 2013. The two week trip is designed to give students a chance to explore the world and experience different cultures. Swaziland is an amazing country, with hospitable people and a friendly attitude.” Lewis Ramsdn

Amazing scenery -great people….a great getaway for relaxation and outdoor activities.” Bridget Pike.

Wifi Accessibility was also good hence communication was easy. Easy networking and getting around the country, friendly citizens and no people begging you for money or bribes. Easy to transact in RSA rand or Lingela.
Shepherd Mabwe, Spirit of Africa
I am left with fantastic memories of Swaziland, and would not hesitate to go with Lucky, our guide again.
Tine Marie Hordijk, Get Africa travel
I have fallen in love with Swaziland entirely, and everywhere we are going in England we are making sure they hear our amazing experiences. Swaziland has taken over as our preferred jewel in Southern Africa.
Morris Kusotera, Polarbus

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