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The Kingdom of Eswatini

North East Eswatini

Conservation & Community

This region of Eswatini (Swaziland) is primarily lowveld. This is quintessential Africa: undulating thorn bush, scattered mud-and- thatch villages, and blue hills lining the horizon. It seems a world away from the cool western highveld. Those blue hills, the beautiful, flat-topped Lubombo Mountains, form the eastern border with South Africa.

The advent of the sugar industry from the late 1950s brought development and the region is now characterised by vast sugar estates, most of which have country clubs offering a variety of activities to guests and visitors. There are few towns of any notable size, with the largest being Siteki, on the western edge of the Lubombos, en route to the Mozambique border.

Most visitors come to this region of Eswatini because it is home to the country’s greatest number of nature/wildlife reserves, which collectively make up the Lubombo Conservancy. Hlane Royal National Park is the best known and most visited but Mlawula Nature Reserve, Mbuluzi Game Reserve and Dombeya Game Reserve also offer some wonderful wilderness and wildlife experiences. Within the Conservancy, visitors may spot a vast diversity of animals, including the Big Five and bird life that is second to none, all within protected bushveld areas that incorporate wonderful indigenous plants and trees. The bird life in this region is among the most prolific in the country with more than 350 species and due to the extent of the conservation areas, there are many majestic raptors as well as brown-headed parrots in their hundreds. A wide choice of accommodation is available within the reserves at the various rest camps.

Atop the Lubombo mountains is the Shewula Nature Reserve, also part of the Conservancy and home to one of the country’s most successful community tourism projects.  The Lubombo Eco Trails project aims to establish even more community-based enterprises that will allow visitors to experience the mountains to the full.

Where to Go in North East Eswatini
A privately run game reserve with two luxury lodges north east of Manzini.
Eswatini's largest protected park with 4 of the Big 5.
This project is made up of 4 of Eswatini's nature reserves teeming with flora and fauna.
A wild and beautiful landscape, with rare flora and fauna found nowhere else in Eswatini.
Privately owned reserve with plentiful giraffe offering walking and cycling tours
A wild reserve waiting to be discovered with a great biodiversity on offer.
Set at the top of the Lubambos, this reserve is home to the Shewula Mountain Camp.
One of Swaziland’s earliest colonial settlements, and today offers a handful of accommodation options for travellers.
A lush green landscape with combining industry, colonial history and two 9-hole golf courses.
Museum located in North East Eswatini focused on the country's history of sugarcane production
Accommodation in North East Eswatini
Mkhiweni Lodge
Dombeya Game Reserve
Beautiful lodge set within the grounds of the privately owned Dombeya Game Reserve.
Shonalanga Lodge
Dombeya Game Reserve
Stunning lodge located within the privately owned Dombeya Game Reserve.
Hlane Ndlovu Camp
Hlane Royal National Park
Rustic Chalets with ensuite bathrooms and self catering facilities
Hlane Campsite
Hlane Royal National Park
Spacious camping ground beneath ancient hardwood Acacia trees
Hlane Bhubesi Camp
Hlane Royal National Park
Self Catering accommodation deep within the Hlane Royal National Park
Mhlumeni Bush Camp
Lubombo Conservancy
Luxury tents with spectacular views of the surrounding Mlawula Nature Reserve.
Kendricks Lodge
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Beautiful four bedroom lodge in Mbuluzi Game Reserve with stunning views.
Liphiva Bush Lodge
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Stunningly located tented lodge with private pool and dramatic backdrop.
Nyala Lodge
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Stunningly located tented lodge with private pool and dramatic backdrop.
Liwa Tented Lodge
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Stunningly located tented lodge with private pool and dramatic backdrop.
Leadwood Lodge
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Quaint stone cottage tucked away in the Mbuluzi's pristine river forest.
Imfihlo Lodge
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Stunning bush retreat overlooking the Mbuluzi River.
Vovovo Lodge
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Stunning modern self catering lodge set within the Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Nkhankanka Lodge
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Hidden safari lodge overlooking the Mlawula River surrounded by Leadwood trees.
Intsini Tented Lodge
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Luxury tented lodge in the heart of the Mbuluzi bush with adjacent swimming pool.
Tambuti Tented Lodge
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Tented accommodation and brick lodge with Self Catering facilities in Mbuluzi Game Reserve.
Singwe Lodge
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Secluded and rustic self catering lodge in Mbuluzi with its own private swimming pool.
Mphangele Lodge
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Peaceful safari lodge located in Mbuluzi Game Reserve wilderness.
Mbuluzi Campsite
Mbuluzi Game Reserve
Spacious campsite located in the privately owned Mbuluzi Game Reserve.
Siphiso Campsite
Mlawula Nature Reserve
Spacious campsite with shaded areas in the Mlawula Nature Reserve
Mapelepele Cottage
Mlawula Nature Reserve
Rustic self catering cottage in the wilderness of Mlawula Nature Reserve.
Magadzavane Lodge
Mlawula Nature Reserve
Highveld chalet accommodation with stunning views of the Lubombo Mountains.
Shewula Mountain Camp
Shewula Nature Reserve
A fantastic example of community tourism, with stunning views of the surrounding lowveld.
Siteki Hotel
A well presented hotel in the town of Siteki close to the Lubombo Mountains.
Varied accommodation types on a working dairy farm in Siteki
Cultured accommodation with panoramic views.
Tambankulu Club & Guesthouse
Sugar Estates & Country Clubs
Peaceful Guesthouse set in the North East of Eswatini.
Simunye Country Club
Sugar Estates & Country Clubs
High end accommodation with beautiful grounds on the Country Club's estate.
Mananga Country Lodge
Sugar Estates & Country Clubs
Comfortable acccommodation in the Country Club's tranquil surroundings.
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