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The HAIRvolution showcase comes to Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival

The Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival is a unique and sophisticated African-vintage styled celebration of the local, the wholesome, the creative, and the delicious. A truly sensory experience unlike any other, Luju takes place in Eswatini on the 30th of September and the 1st of October.

Luju’s ethos, “A Return to the African Future,” pays homage to, and celebrates Africa’s beauty and style, from the past to the present and onwards to the future. It’s a journey of the senses, a re-imagining of our heritage, and a sneak preview of the design innovations of tomorrow.

The Luju Fashion Café will once again be showcasing the best of Eswatini Design, Beauty and Fashion, shining a lens on how our African heritage shapes culture and influences how we express our identity. This year, the Luju ethos finds expression in the Fashion Café focus on the theme HAIRvolution, which embraces our crowns as a source of pride and inspiration.

Our hair goes to great lengths to tell a story. It is not only an extension of who we are, but an expression of our power to influence, to challenge and to change. With our crown, we amplify cultural beliefs and command attention. We effectively oppose conformist standards of beauty and ignite a positive movement toward social transformation. This year, let your HAIRDO the talking. Tussle up those manes and let’s start a HAIRvolution!

HAIRvolution at the Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival, in collaboration with Dala Spaces, will be hosting well-known South African Hair Artist Nikiwe Dlova for a HAIRvolution showcase at the festival, preceded by a workshop in Eswatini where she will lead and collaborate with local hair stylists.

Nikiwe Dlova is a multi-disciplinary Hair Artist from South Africa who produces creative hairstyles, headpieces, and artworks using synthetic hair extensions, wool, fabric, and beads, amongst other materials. Nikiwe is fervently driven to tell African stories visually, using hair as a symbolic language, and urges us to own our crowns with pride. The power and originality of her work has attracted international acclaim.

All the details about the Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival 2022 can be found on their website, along with links to purchase festival and camping tickets. Avoid disappointment and book now!

Make sure to also follow Luju on social media: @lujufestival on Facebook & Twitter, and @luju_festival on Instagram