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SWIFT becomes Fair & Square as Eswatini’s fair trade expands internationally

Fair & Square, a member based organisation providing training, trade and advocacy to support businesses through promoting Fair Trade for the sustainable socio-economic empowerment of producers and communities, have rebranded from SWIFT. Their renaming comes in line with their expansion from outside of Eswatini to across Africa, putting Eswatini’s fair trade products and exports on the map. In their own words, Fair & Square share the reasons behind this huge development in their organisation:

We are excited to announce that we are now Fair and Square. While our name is changing, rest assured that our core values remain exactly the same. We will continue to have the same vision, mission, and principles. Our steadfast dedication to our objectives, network, and basic ethos remains unchanged.

Fair and Square currently has a presence in nine African countries (South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Angola and our home country Eswatini). We now boast of 189 companies throughout these countries, 87 of which are Eswatini-based. In addition to the handicraft sector, Fair and Square has expanded into the natural cosmetics and food manufacturing sectors, giving us a new brand and reputation.

This distinct identity is reflected in our new logo design, which consolidates Fair and Square’s new appearance, which is both original and expressive, with inclusivity in mind. This principle is well expressed by our most distinguishing feature: the twin hearts.

The twin hearts signify the binding of the pieces together and embody who we are: simple, committed, ethical, honest, contemporary, visionary, sophisticated, and dynamic. This has always defined us, and it will continue to describe who we are in the future.

Persistent adjustment demands flexibility, and the twin hearts reflect this. We are adaptable enough to change as needed, demonstrating our enthusiasm and determination to continue moving forward. This philosophy will help us remain relevant, innovative, and energetic. Hence, we changed our model from being a membership where everyone votes at an AGM to a network organisation where we still have members but without voting.

Constant changes in the corporate and commercial worlds often necessitate a wide range of complex decisions. The real challenge for us is to make it as simple as possible for our network to navigate the ever-changing markets: simple thinking, simple actions, and simple communication. Simplicity and elegance, which we genuinely believe, together with our great sense of respect and modesty, will become a true game changer for Fair and Square. As before, we will make every effort to support every single organisation or network with the highest commitment in a transparent, focused, and ethical manner.

Our rebranding represents our solid foundation and long-term vision, which has been built over the years on the principles of practicing fair trade, integrity and honesty, social justice, equal voting rights by all fair trade network partners, respect for culture and heritage, and transparency. We believe that the stability and trust that come with this wealth of knowledge complement our desire to stay relevant to our network while also expanding into new markets. Our rebranding represents this sense of stability and balance, linking our past to our future.

Economic and social empowerment for all is something we are always focused on, but it is only an aspect of what inspires us. What it offers our network and us is even more powerful: Emancipation; Hope; Happiness; Pride. These are the sentiments that will keep us going. Because when we work together to promote fair trade, we all benefit in more ways than one.