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The Kingdom of Eswatini

“Surprisingly Amazing” Eswatini for your bucket list!

If Eswatini isn’t on your bucket list yet, reconsider adding it!

Award-winning travel & wildlife photographer & writer Kim Paffen recently visited Eswatini and it’s fair to say that she was blown away by the remarkable variety she saw and experienced – the amazing scenery, rich culture, fantastic safaris and thrilling activities. Thankfully, she has managed to capture the beauty of the Kingdom’s varied attractions in her words and her stunning photographs.

Writing about Eswatini enthusiastically in a number of articles since her visit, Kim describes it as ‘surprisingly amazing, and noted that ‘despite being the smallest landlocked country in Africa by area and population, there are lots of amazing places to visit in Eswatini.  For anyone wondering about visiting Eswatini, or considering the standard one-night stopover,  she has some useful advice: “If Eswatini isn’t on your bucket list yet, reconsider adding it! Because each place is unique, it’s a country worth exploring for at least 6 to 7 days”.

Kim is part of TomTom, recently listed as a top travel blog on CNN Travel and one of the Top 50 Biggest Travel Blogs in the World. She is also the founder of the Travel & Photography Platform Our Planet in my Lens, has won the Nat Geo Photo Contest & been a finalist in the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year, and just launched a Fine Art Print Shop for her photography– so she certainly knows a beautiful country when she sees it!

Unsurprisingly, with her photographic eye, Kim was drawn to the beautiful scenic and mountainous landscapes with waterfalls, gorges, rolling hills, rivers, valleys, and stunning mountain peaks’, and the images she’s managed to capture in just a short visit show why.

Many travel articles will round up a ‘Top 10’ of features in a country but on her first article on TomTom Kim couldn’t keep her list of ‘Best Places to see in Eswatini’ below 11! That covered “amazing wildlife encounters, stunning nature, fun adventurous activities, and cultural experiences” as Kim explored picture-perfect Africa.

But, by the time she had moved on to covering the ‘Best things to do in Eswatini’ on Our Planet in My Lens, that list was now up to 18 in order to cover all the fabulous experiences on offer in the Kingdom. With stunning scenery, wonderful wildlife, rich culture and no shortage of adventure activities, there was just so much to include!

With a comprehensive Eswatini Travel Guide full of inspiration and practical advice also published, Kim has provided plenty on great content for any potential visitor to Eswatini. To check out Kim’s articles, and for a glimpse of her beautiful photography, please see the links below:

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In a limited trip of only 6 days, Kim managed to tour this little gem of a country, but admits there so much more to see. She is very keen to return as soon as she can and has managed to come up with a surprisingly long list of places and experiences she’d still like to try out. With such high praise and such beautiful photographs, she’ll be very welcome back anytime!

Meanwhile, as it so often does, the Kingdom of Eswatini has managed to surprise and charm even the most experienced of travellers through the remarkable and unexpected beauty and variety found within its small borders.