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Mlawula Nature Reserve presents Camp Fire Festival 2020

At the end of October,  Mlawula Nature Reserve will play host to the Camp Fire Festival 2020!

Mlawula Nature Reserve’s woodlands offer the perfect spot for outdoor events with the stunning backdrop of the Lubombo Mountains to the east.

Taking place between 30 October and 01 November 2020, the two night festival will include an arts & culture exhibition showcasing stunningly created swazi handicrafts, along with opportunities for hiking and game viewing.

Guests can hope to see impala, zebra, wildebeest, nyala and kudu as they roam the area. Often heard at night, there may be a rare opportunity to hear spotted hyenas in the distance, along with baboons and klipspringers as they scale the cliffs of the Lubombos.

For entertainment, the Camp Fire Festival will host an Outdoor Cinema & Comedy Show guaranteed to bring laughter and cheer to the east of Eswatini.

Social Distancing will be expected by all participants and COVID-19 guidelines will be in place to ensure all guests are safe.

Multiple packages are available, with options of one or multiple night stays, including meal packages too.

For more information, please take a look at the flyer here.