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Happy Mother’s Day! Alkebulan Hape, a service that ensures nothing is lost in translation

Today, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, one cannot escape the key role of communication mothers have from the unborn child to adulthood. The term “Mother Tongue” uses a metaphor to connect language and motherhood. Just like a mother gives you life, your mother tongue is seen as the first language that gives you the foundation for communication and shapes your understanding of the world. Traditionally, mothers were the primary caregivers and the source of most language exposure for children. This association between mothers and language learning stuck around in the term “mother tongue” even though caregiving roles can vary in families today. Just like mothers nurture and care for their children, our mother tongue is the foundation on which we build our communication skills. It shapes our thinking and allows us to express ourselves effectively.

The tourism industry in Eswatini thrives on attracting international visitors and translation services play a crucial role in making Eswatini a welcoming and accessible destination. Here is how:

Reaching a Wider Audience – Eswatini boasts a rich culture and stunning natural beauty, but information in local languages limits its reach. Translation services allow Eswatini’s tourism industry to promote itself in languages spoken by target tourist demographics, attracting a wider range of visitors.

Enhancing the Visitor Experience Imagine arriving in Eswatini, excited to explore, but struggling to understand signs, menus or tour guides. Translations bridge this gap. Websites, brochures, signage, menus and tour materials translated into key languages ensure visitors can navigate easily, make informed choices and feel comfortable throughout their stay.

Building Trust and Connection People generally prefer information in their native language. Translated materials demonstrate Eswatini’s commitment to welcoming international tourists and fosters trust and connection. Visitors feel valued and appreciate the effort to cater to their language needs.

Positive Reviews and Increased Revenue Tourists who have a smooth and enjoyable experience in Eswatini due to clear communication are more likely to leave positive reviews and recommend the destination to others. This translates into increased revenue for the tourism industry.

The story behind Alkebulan Hape

Alkebulan Hape is a language services company on a mission to bridge the linguistic gap between countries and cultures. Africa, before the 17th century was widely referred to as Alkebulan before the name Africa was birthed. It means “mother of mankind”. Hape means reuniting. In essence, Alkebulan Hape means Africa reunited. Since 2020, Alkebulan Hape have provided the best translators and interpreters in Portuguese, French, Siswati, Spanish and many others for world class brands, presidents, global game-changers, NGOs, political advocates and government organisations. Alkebulan Hape has a full-service team and equipment offer national coverage and can support international missions to even the most remote locations. This team offers remote simultaneous interpretation, has on-site simultaneous interpretation equipment, Remote and hybrid event production, simultaneous interpretation app and offers text translation services from vetted translators. All interpreting translators have been through a rigorous selection process and are native in their target language.  The company believes precision and personalisation generate impactful results and make it a point to match your content to the most suited linguist. Combined with their specialists’ deep understanding of client sectors, you can rest assured that with Alkebulan Hape nothing is lost in translation.

The talented humans behind Alkebulan Hape effectively render your message to ensure it has the desired impact on the target audience. With A.I. agility and domain-specific expertise, you get the best of both worlds: razor-sharp translation that never feels robotic. Alkebulan Hape language strategy consultants leverage thousands of multilingual conference hours and are experts at managing complex translation projects.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

As we highlight the beauty of communication taught by our mothers this Mother’s Day, the Eswatini Tourism Authority extends heartfelt wishes to all mothers and mother figures! We celebrate the incredible women who nurture, guide and inspire us, shaping our lives with love and dedication.

Eswatini, the Kingdom of Heaven, is a land known for its warmth, hospitality and rich cultural heritage – values that echo the love and care mothers embody. Just as mothers connect us to our roots, Eswatini offers a connection to a timeless world, steeped in tradition and breathtaking beauty.

Eswatini offers a unique opportunity to honour mothers and create lasting memories together. Whether it is a mother-daughter adventure, a multi-generational family trip, or a relaxing escape with a special woman in your life, Eswatini provides the perfect backdrop for celebrating love and gratitude.

So, this Mother’s Day, give the gift of experience. Book your unforgettable Eswatini getaway with the woman who nurtured you, gift her with that much deserved spa treatment or take her out for a scrumptious lunch in a local restaurant. Give her the Royal Experience she truly deserves.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Eswatini Tourism Authority continues to drive its mandate to encourage responsible travel in the Kingdom of Eswatini and promotes Eswatini as a preferred destination.