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Eswatini opens doors for the Easter Holidays

As we steadily approach the Easter holidays, the #UnwrapAnUnforgettableEasterAdventure campaign aims to reignite domestic tourism to our regional and international market during the time of spiritual renewal, family gatherings by showcasing Eswatini’s diverse offerings. Essentially, this should foster a spirit of exploration and cultural immersion within our visitors. The vital role of tourism in the nation’s economic development expressed through this campaign will serve as a catalyst for the sector’s post-pandemic recovery.

ETA, the Hospitality and Tourism Association of Eswatini (HOTAES) and captains of the industry launched the Easter season campaign earlier this week. In a vibrant ceremony held amidst the lush greenery of the Summerfield Botanical Gardens, the Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Jane Mkhonta Simelane, graced the occasion and officially launched the #UnwrapAnUnforgettableEasterCampaign. The campaign, aimed at boosting domestic tourism during the Easter holidays, promises a season filled with exciting spiritual activities, cultural experiences and natural beauty exploration of the Kingdom.

In her address Simelane said, in line with the unwrapping theme, that the act of unwrapping was not about chocolates for the little ones, but essentially spoke to unwrapping an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Eswatini. The honourable minister related a scene of waking up to the majestic Sibebe Rock embracing the horizon, all present immersing themselves in the vibrant tapestry of diverse communities or experiencing the thrill of a wildlife encounter at Eswatini national parks. “Unwrap your perfect Easter adventure by exploring our diverse landscapes, from the rolling hills of Ezulwini valley to the breath-taking Highland adventures. Immerse yourselves in the vibrant Buganu Ceremony, participate in traditional crafts, workshops or simply relax and savour the peacefulness of our serene nature retreats, ranging from conservation to community and scenic splendour” she said.

Simelane went on to inform Emaswati and visitors that by participating in Easter campaign, not only is this act just creating memories or strengthening our cultural identity, but also contributed to the well-being of our nation. Choosing Eswatini this Easter holidays supports local businesses, lodges, tour guides empowers communities and fuels sustainable development. The Honourable Minister went on to mention that during the Easter holidays, weave a tapestry of togetherness, not just with loved ones, but also with the environment and the communities that call Eswatini home was key.

Eswatini Festive Season Campaign Rollout

Also present in the launch were ETA’s Easter Campaign partners, Hospitality and Tourism Association of Eswatini HOTAES, captains of the tourism industry and stakeholders. ETA’s Acting CEO, Simphiwe Ngubeni revealed that, ETA had a series of activities set for this exciting season. In terms of media reach, The Authority had set out a media campaign where adverts, interviews and tourist leisure centres profiling will be done in ensuring that Eswatini is maintained as the preferred destination of choice. Regionally, ETA’s media partners included Ukhozi FM (7,596,000 Listeners) Radio 2000 (2,087,000 Listeners) and Ligwalagwala FM (1,299,000 Listeners). Locally ETA had engaged the Eswatini TV, Eswatini Observer, the Eswatini Broadcasting Information Services, Voice of the Church and the Movie Zone to showcase and flight Eswatini radio and television adverts throughout the month of March.

Ngubeni highlighted that tourism is a vital sector for Eswatini, creating jobs, supporting local businesses and preserving our cultural heritage. “As we embark on this campaign, I want to emphasise the positive impact it can have on our nation. By choosing to explore Eswatini, you are not only investing in your own personal well-being, but also contributing to the economic growth and development of our communities.” he said. Ngubeni went on to acknowledge and thank the tour guides and this year’s Easter Campaign sponsors for their contribution into the initiative. These sponsors are HOTAES, Summerfield Botanical Gardens, Olive Country Lodge, Eswatini Airlink, Mantenga Lodge, Big Game Parks, Bulembu Lodge and Sibebe Resort. He also thanked members of the media for their unwavering support in all ETA campaigns, highlighting that the media’s contribution in The Authority’s success did not go unnoticed.

Easter Campaign Competition

ETA has partnered with captains of the tourism industry through the HOTAES in presenting an exciting domestic online competition entitled #EswatiniEasterAdventure #SwenkaNgeNkonzo #EswatiniHasMore. Emaswati stand a chance to win prizes ranging from airline tickets, breakfast, lunch, accommodation and dinner vouchers. The competition involves capturing the essence of Easter in Eswatini. Participants are to share Easter adventure picture with the caption #EswatiniEasterAdventure #SwenkaNgeNkonzo #EswatiniHasMore on Facebook or Instagram and stand a chance to win great prizes. The image and story with the highest number of likes will be the overall winner.  The competition begins on the 7th of March and ends on 20th of March 2024. Ngubeni said that more details would be shared on all ETA digital media platforms.

With the Easter holidays celebrations set in place, let us remember to be responsible guardians of the environment that sustains us. Let us choose eco-friendly accommodation, minimise waste and explore our natural wonders with respect. By doing so, we ensure that Eswatini’s awe-inspiring beauty remains a source of joy for generations to come. Emaswati and our visitors are implored to drive safely, obey the traffic laws and be respectful of other road users. Together, we all have a responsibility to make our roads safer for everyone.

Eswatini Tourism Authority continues to drive its mandate to encourage responsible travel in the Kingdom of Eswatini and promotes Eswatini as a preferred destination.