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Eswatini Tourism Authority kick starts Tourism Schools Tour

Domestic tourism continues to be an important focus for the Eswatini Tourism Authority (ETA), even with promising developments in international travel which have seen the return of international tourists to Eswatini.

Over the two-year period of the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequent restrictions in travel, the ETA solicited strategic and sustainable partnerships aimed at promoting a lasting culture of domestic travel among EmaSwati.

One of the key collaborations that emerged was the revival of partnerships with local municipalities. Following the MoU signing between ETA of the Municipal Council of Mbabane on 24 November, 2022, the two entities are actively promoting the various historic and world-class tourism sites in Mbabane that earned the city global recognition as one of “9 cities you have to visit” by UK publication, The Independent.

The latest domestic tourism initiative focuses on educating school children about the town’s tourism offerings through what has been dubbed the City to City Schools’ Tour.

The main aim of the program is to heighten awareness on the rich history of Mbabane, highlight the places of interest the city has to offer and educate pupils on the importance of tourism. The program aims to achieve the following:

  • Familiarise learners on the importance of tourism in creating economic value for Eswatini
  • Expose learners to careers and business opportunities within the tourism sector
  • Encourage interest in exploring the vast tourist establishments, historic landmarks and natural landscapes in Mbabane
  • Provide access to tourism related information
  • Create awareness on local city tourism through educational field trips.

The Schools’ Tour kicked off recently with a visit to Fonteyn High School for a tourism presentation to the school’s Form 5 class by ETA’s Tourist Information Officer, Nosipho Dlamini; the Municipal Council of Mbabane’s Private Public Partnerships Manager, Thulani Dlamini and Founder of tour operating company, Woza Nawe, Myxo Mdluli.

The pupils’ engagement on the presentation demonstrated the youth’s keen interest in the Mbabane’s rich history and tourism sites, as well as career opportunities that exist within the space.

ETA and Municipal Council of Mbabane has prepared more exciting presentations for schools in Mbabane to be held in the coming weeks.