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The Kingdom of Eswatini

Eswatini becomes Lonely Planet Favourite!

Eswatini has emerged as something of a favourite destination for World leading travel authority Lonely Planet. Not only has it recently been named one of the world’s top countries for travellers in 2020 as part of Lonely Planet’s prestigious Best in Travel listings, but this little-visited Kingdom also features extensively in the December edition of the Lonely Planet magazine.

The December issue of the magazine is the one that includes details of all the Best in Travel winners, but for Eswatini, things have gone much further. As well as its Best in Travel listing, there is also a beautiful 12-page feature article, and Eswatini is the only destination that even gets a mention in the Editor’s note!

The highly anticipated feature article details unmissable information such as when to visit, getting around, available activities, tours and more. It has been produced by Lonely Planet’s experienced group editor, Peter Grunert, who recently spent 6 days in The Kingdom of Eswatini, experiencing first-hand the wonders of this up and coming country.

If his editorial is anything to go by, Peter was truly charmed by the country and the time he spent there, describing it as a “tiny kingdom of immense character where a benchmark on a global scale is being set for conservation efforts” and the trip as a “memorable journey” full of“atmosphere, charm and occasional drama”.

As well as staying at a community-run camp in the remote Lubombo Mountains and experiencing rural life and traditions in Eswatini, Peter also spent time at all three of the country’s Big Game Parks, including the famed Mkhaya, known for offering some of the best rhino experiences in Africa.