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BLOG: Sheba’s Breast Hiking trail is therapeutic

This week, we got an insight into an exciting adventure by Lidwala Lodge guest Benanile Maphanga and her friends as they take a hike up Sheba’s Breast. Find out more below.

Planning the hike was not just a random thing, but a decision made between a group of newly met friends (Noncedo Msibi, Initia Seabra, Bonkhe Nhlabatsi, Luleka and myself). Trying to understand how they met and getting to connect to each other as they realized that their souls had met long ago just that they had not met physically, little did they know that many answers were going to be unlocked.

From the moment we walked into Lidwala Lodge reception, where the hiking trail starts, we noticed the amazing artwork, from the benches to the statues to the wall art. The Lidwala Lodge Front desk officer Phiwe Gama was kind enough to keep our bags as we embarked on our hike. The sound of the river was so refreshing, the life in the trees brought back hope and the decaying leaves triggered childhood memories. As we walked further, we decided to take the forest route as to the grassland route because it was cooler.

The shape of the rocks are more complex (we saw one rock shaped like a UFO) as we moved further there was a lot we realized about each other, we discovered that some of us are softies and others are actually fit. We made sure to place a stone on the piles we came across.

As we approached the breast, everyone was exhausted and ready to throw themselves on the warm rocks. When we realized we had reached our destination, we rejoiced and shared hugs and of course, took pictures as we had conquered.

We spent some time at the top and finally as we were returning we also enjoyed the peace of the forest. It is worth mentioning that Sheba’s breast hiking trail has a lot to offer from the scenery to the nature. I can safely say that Sheba’s Breast hiking trail is therapeutic.