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A fine introduction for the first Ezulwini Farmer’s Market

The inaugural Ezulwini Farmer’s Market took place in mid-March, with great success as it looks to present Eswatini’s fine range of local produce for both tourists and emaSwati alike. Taking place every second Saturday every other month, with the next event penciled in for 13 May 2023, local vendors displayed their handmade products at Legends backpackers in the tourism hotspot of Ezulwini Valley.

Creative, handmade, fresh and local products were the main goods that brought the farmers together. The market was not only aimed at selling products, but also at allowing the farmers to network. Vendors showed up as early as 9am to display their products. Most of them had already set up by then, while some were still making entry into the venue. Some of the products displayed during the Farmer’s Market included pure organic honey, wonder bags, candles, ginger drink, organic herbs, tea, homemade soaps, accessories, homemade jams, sauces, crochet, perfumes, handmade jewellery as well as ‘Kombucha’.

Kombucha is a a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black tea commonly drunk for its purported health benefits. Candles were also among the products which were popular, especially the fragrant pure soy candle which boasts a sweet aroma and its wax can be used as Vaseline to sooth the skin. Herbal tea was also displayed, proving to be an ideal product for consumers due to its significant health benefits. Some of the flavours which were on display included Rooibos and Melissa leaf, Rooibos and Ginger as well as Rooibos and Chamomile. Rooibos and Chamomile is ideal to consume when one needs to de-stress whilst Rooibos and Ginger was marketed on the premise that it is ideal for detoxification.

The first edition of the Ezulwini Farmer’s Market proved to be successful as it attracted quite a number of consumers who came to appreciate and purchase the products displayed. The day drew to a close around 4pm.

For more information on future instalments of the Ezulwini Farmer’s Market, keep an eye on our Events page.