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Sports Volunteer Projects

Sport offers a wonderful conduit through which to engage local communities, particularly their younger members, and deliver essential education and personal development. Eswatini (Swaziland) has a couple of organisations that utilise sport for positive means and give volunteers the opportunity to make a positive difference whilst keeping fit and having fun!

Educating local communities through sport was first initiated in Eswatini with the birth of SKRUM. Founder launched the company to tackle the topic of HIV/AIDS using the medium of rugby. Whilst the sport engages children and young adults, classes and workshops in local communities and schools have led to a reduction rate in HIV diagnosis in Eswatini. Volunteer programmes with SKRUM offers participants the chance to get involved with all aspects of running the charity, from coaching rugby, organising competitions, engaging with local communities, and delivering classes and workshops. You don’t have to be sporty to volunteer with SKRUM. Let them know what interests you, and they will get you taking part and challenging yourself. SKRUM also works with Volunteer Vacations, a UK company that specialises in volunteer trips. For more information on volunteering with SKRUM, visit their website:

The focus of All Out Africa’s Sports Development Project in Eswatini is to improve the well-being of disadvantaged children and youth within semi-rural Swazi communities, through sport and play. The aim is to develop these kids by making them stimulated, focused, fit and healthy, while at the same time as building their confidence through physical activity.

Volunteer Role

The role involves going to the Neighbourhood Care Points in the morning to have the children participate in a variety of play activities – including song and dance, ball games, obstacle courses, tricycle riding and swimming lessons.

You are encouraged to get as involved as possible in organising these fun-filled events that bring so much joy to the children.

Some of the activities you will get involved in may include:

  • Setting up obstacle courses and activities for the children to engage with
  • Teaching hand-eye coordination through throwing and catching
  • Teaching basic life skills including teeth cleaning and hygiene through sports
  • Participating in song and dance activities
  • Assist with swimming and other sports lessons

* Please note that the activities listed above are based on availability and may vary by season. These are samples of activities that are volunteers are likely to participate in.

Other Types of Volunteering
Internships in Eswatini are available through All Out Africa, which can focus on particular types of volunteering.
Eswatini is the perfect country in which to combine important volunteer work with fun and exciting tours.
All Out Africa run Building Volunteer Projects in Eswatini.
Working with children, teaching in schools, and help local communities make a better future.
Give your time to help save animals under threat with great conservation programmes.