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Hiking in Ngwempisi

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1-3 Nights

Hiking in Ngwempisi

Hiking in Ngwempisi is offered as a bookable experience by local adventure tour operator All Out Africa. Planned hiking trips vary from 1 – 3 Nights stopping off at various accommodations including Ngwempisi River Camp (basic camping facilities), Khelekhele Camp (no facilities at camp), and the impressive Rock Lodge (dormitories or camping available, with ‘westernised’ toilets and rain showers).

As Ngwempisi Wilderness is a remote and rugged terrain, it is recommended to experience with a guide. All Out Africa hiking guide are experienced working with a range of international guests from countries all over the world. They work with school expeditions in the winter months and have worked with hiking parties ranging in size from 2 to 23 people, and of all ages. The lead guides are St John’s Ambulance first aid trained and have attended workshops on customers, health and safety and child protection. They have also undertaken field based training with senior hiking and undergone a snake awareness training course, important in Eswatini. They are able to converse in English with all guests.

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Hiking in Ngwempisi