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The Kingdom of Eswatini


Eswatini has a incredibly diverse terrain with breathtaking views

With the exception of desert and sea, every geographical feature of Africa’s terrain is found within Eswatini (Swaziland). This is a country of magnificent mountain scenery with rivers, waterfalls and gorges; unique rock formations which are among the world’s most ancient; lush and fertile valleys, plus typical African bush. From west to east, Eswatini moves from mountainous Highveld, through Middleveld to Lowveld, and then rises again to the Lubombo mountains. Altitudes vary from 21m to 1800m (70ft to 6000 ft) – yet the country’s east and west borders are less than 200 km (125 miles) apart.

The highveld is a land of hills, waterfalls and great buttresses of ancient rock – providing the country’s most dramatic and impressive landscapes. A temperate climate means some rainfall all year round and regular mists in summer, so the scenery is generally reasonably lush. The middleveld is generally less striking – an area of undulating bush and moist savannah lying at an average 700m above sea level. It is home to the bulk of Eswatini’s population and the tourist hub of the Ezulwini Valley. The lowveld is hot, bush country sitting as low as 21m above sea level. Although much drier than the other areas, it is home to vast, heavily irrigated sugar estates which are impressive in their own right. The remaining tracts of wild bush here harbour Eswatini’s major game reserves and offer easy access to areas of genuine wilderness.

With such a remarkable and varied ‘natural playground’, there is a wide choice of activities available in Eswatini for visitors to explore and enjoy the scenic landscapes. Hiking trials can be found all around the country but particularly in the highlands and mountains, and there are two championship-standard 18-hole golf courses in scenic settings and a smattering of 9-hole course around the country. For those who prefer to remain seated, both cycling and horse riding offer alternative ways to explore a variety of locations, at levels from beginners upwards, and there is even a chance to go quad biking through areas of wilderness. For keen cyclists, Eswatini has a series of Mountain Bike Races through the year open to a range of ages and abilities.

The country’s mountains and gorges also provide opportunities for climbing and abseiling as well as a thrilling tree-top canopy tour of zip-wires, bridges and platforms in the Malolotja Nature Reserve. And from the highest peaks, to underground, Eswatini is home to the only major granite cave system in southern Africa, which can be explored even by visitors with no prior experience of caving.

When it comes to water, boat trips are available on a few of Eswatini’s dams, and the Great Usuthu River offers thrilling white water rafting, whilst fishing is possible on a number of the dams and rivers.

Scenic Activities
With diverse landscapes, many self-guided and planned hiking tours are on offer in Eswatini.
A great way to explore Eswatini's stunning landscapes is to cycle around the country.
Discover Eswatini on horseback from riding trails across Mlilwane, to the hills of Mhlambanyatsi.
Tee off on one of Eswatini's championship golf courses, with beautiful panoramic views.
Fly through the trees and discover the sights on Eswatini's very own zip-lining canopy tour.
Go beneath the earth and discover hidden trails on a unique caving adventure in Eswatini.
Eswatini's mountains and gorges make for the perfect climbing challenge for avid climbers.
Have fun driving through woodlands, nature reserves and muddy tracks on a quad bike.
Ride the rapids along the Great Usuthu River with White Water Rafting available in Eswatini.
With multiple dams fully stocked, there are many locations you can fish in Eswatini.
You can sail your own yacht, or even hire a houseboat on one of the many dams.
Scenic Locations
Stunning scenery and picturesque rural communities on either side of the MR9 highway.
Stunning and wildlife rich game reserve in th south eastern corner of Eswatini.
One of a kind in Eswatini, with lush fairways, luxury accommodation and an array of activities.
A picturesque rocky valley with Eswatini's first church, and the furthest settlement in the South West.
An untouched wilderness ready to be explored, along with community run accommodation.
Set at the top of the Lubambos, this reserve is home to the Shewula Mountain Camp.
A wild reserve waiting to be discovered with a great biodiversity on offer.
Privately owned reserve with plentiful giraffe offering walking and cycling tours
A wild and beautiful landscape, with rare flora and fauna found nowhere else in Eswatini.
This project is made up of 4 of Eswatini's nature reserves teeming with flora and fauna.
Eswatini's largest protected park with 4 of the Big 5.
A National Conservancy holding swaziland's largest collection of plants.
A town set among the Usuthu forestry plantations with beautiful scenery.
One of southern Africa's most impressive geological features.
One of Eswatini's highest peaks with a notorious history.
Best known nature reserve and Eswatini's birthplace of conservation.
Unspoilt woodlands with a traditional cultural village experience
One of the very best highland reserves in Southern Africa.
Large settlement in the North West with Swaziland's most scenic handicraft outlet.
A private nature reserve home to the tumbling Phophonyane River and Falls.
Incredible art by the Sam people up to 4,000 years ago.
The oldest mine in the world.
Impressive expanse of water set amongst beautiful mountainous scenery.
Eswatini's tourism hub with an abundance of hotels, lodges and activities
Nestled at the foot of a mountain. A rejuvenated mining town.
Other Eswatini Experiences
The perfect destination for the thrill seeker and adventurous traveller.
Eswatini has some of the best Cultural Experiences in Africa.
You can still experience the 'Big 5' in the little country of Eswatini.
Leave your mark on Eswatini by Volunteering.
From championship golf courses, to fishing in the country's many dams.
Eswatini has a annual calendar full of traditional & modern events.