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Shopping at Ngwenya Glass Complex

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Shopping at Ngwenya Glass Complex

Shopping at Ngwenya Glass Complex offers a wide range of outlets and is a perfect stop off to purchase gifts and souvenirs either on entering or before leaving Eswatini. Ngewnya Glass Complex is located conveniently close to the Ngwenya Border post, a common entry point for guests arriving from South Africa by road.

The Complex houses the famous glass blowing factory of Ngwenya Glass, with an adjoining shop in which you can check out all of the products made from 100% recycled glass including tableware and incredible animal figures.

The complex also houses some of Eswatini’s most well known art and craft producers too:

Baobab Batik – A social enterprise set up in 1991 with handmade weaved batik products made by women from the local community.

Black Mamba Chilli – Award winning chilli products created with fresh grown ingredients in Eswatini.

Eswatini Kitchen – A Fair Trade producer of natural gourmet food including jams, marmalades, honey, sauces, chutneys and more.

Gone Rural – Grass woven products made by rural women to earn a fair and sustainable source of income.

Quazi Design – Handmade jewellery made using recycled materials such as waste magazines and newspapers.

Tintsaba – Beautiful handmade products centered around the use of sisal, a sustainable weed which grows naturally in Eswatini.

Tsandza Weaving – Beautiful home and fashion textiles, handwoven by women artisans in Eswatini.

Yebo! Contemporary Art Gallery – Talented professional and emerging local artists producing unique creative products that are showcased and sold through Yebo!

The Chocolate Shop – recently taken over by Ngwenya Glass themselves, The Chocolate Shop produces belgian-style chocolate in a variety of shapes and infused flavours.

Arrum Lilly – Young designer Tanya Aab is making waves with her line of one-of-a-kind fashion pieces.

We recommend setting aside a couple of hours or a half day to fully enjoy browsing the shops, experiencing the factory tour, and eating lunch on site. Learn more about Ngwenya Glass on their page here. The Complex is open daily from 8:00am until 4:00pm.

For general information on Shopping in Eswatini, please click here.


Shopping at Ngwenya Glass Complex