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Nsangwini Rock Art Tour

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1 Hour

Nsangwini Rock Art Tour

The Nsangwini Rock Art paintings have to be seen to be believed!

The drive to the reception is a dirt road (gravel) and all cars are accessible though if you are driving in a sedan, then please take it slowly.

You will arrive at a thatched hut with white signage saying ‘Nsangwini Rock Art’ – this is the reception area where your guide will greet you.

After a short downhill and rocky walk from reception (approximately 10 minutes) you will be presented with the bushman paintings that date back between 500 years and 5000 years. A guide from the Nsangwini community will give you information and teach you on the history of the paintings.

The walk back to the reception can be difficult for those less mobile as you will need to walk up the rocky path you came down. This can take up to 25 minutes as you will need to take it slow for your safety. This tour not recommended for those that require walking sticks and is not wheelchair accessible.

Network signal is poor in Nsangwini so you may be unsuccessful in contacting the reception when you first try, though please do keep trying and you will eventually get through to book your place.

The tour is R50 per person (approximately 3$) though tipping is appreciated and is all donated to the local community that run the Nsangwini Rock Art experience.

Nsangwini Rock Art Tour