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The Kingdom of Eswatini


Eswatini has some of the best Cultural Experiences in Africa

A tiny country with a big heart and warm, friendly people aptly describes Eswatini (Swaziland) – a country that is one of the few remaining monarchies in Africa and embraces and upholds its own unique and ancient traditions. Both the monarchy and the people of Eswatini actively maintain and preserve a remarkable cultural heritage that is probably unmatched anywhere in Africa. Visitors can get a better idea of traditional African culture here than pretty much anywhere else in the region, and what is seen, including spectacular festivals, has not simply been resuscitated for the tourist dollar but is the real deal. The famous Umhlanga (Reed Dance) and Incwala are traditional ceremonies that involve tens of thousands of Swazi people, and attract visitors from all over the world. But traditional attire, ceremonies and dancing are to be found throughout the country at all times of the year.

The Swazi people are proud and extremely friendly people. They welcome visitors with a beaming smile and take pleasure in showing off their beautiful country. As well as a number of community-run tourism initiatives, visitors are able to experience daily life in Eswatini by calling in at a local homestead or village, where they will be made very welcome. Alternatively, Mantenga Cultural Village is an excellent working reconstruction of a traditional homestead from around the 1850s, which gives an experience of all the complexities and nuances of traditional Swati life; as well as a quite tremendous dancing display by a group that tours the world.

Around the country, a series of well presented and fascinating museums and historical sites help tell the story of the country past and present and are well worth a visit.

The skills and creativity of Eswatini’s artisans is widely recognised and a wide range of arts and crafts are produced around the country. Most are socially-responsible ventures, providing employment to local communities, and also creating top level products exported around the world. Visitors can view the artisans in action and, increasingly, there are opportunities to even have a go themselves. Alternatively, there is plenty to choose from for those who prefer simply to go shopping!

Cultural experiences in Eswatini don’t have to end when the sun sets and there is plenty of nightlife to be found. As well as the casinos for which the country built a reputation when gambling was banned in South Africa, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the country’s thriving local music scene, not least at the unique House on Fire venue.

Cultural Activities
Enter one of the many homesteads in Eswatini, and discover the Swazi way of life.
Eswatini's thriving culture dates back centuries, with plenty of historic places to visit on your travels.
A number of ritual ceremonies and modern day concerts take place in Eswatini.
See artisans in action, have a go yourself or simply shop for top quality Arts & Crafts.
Eswatini has everything from wooden carvings and beadwork, to jewellery and traditional garments.
Casinos, cabaret nights and live performances take place after dark.
Cultural Locations
Vibrant tourist attraction home to swazi crafts and food outlets
Museum located in North East Eswatini focused on the country's history of sugarcane production
Eswatini's main river and it's local industry town, named after the rivers curve.
Stunning scenery surrounds this settlement with a royal past, holding a special meet between King Sobhuza II and King George VI.
A lush green landscape with combining industry, colonial history and two 9-hole golf courses.
One of Swaziland’s earliest colonial settlements, and today offers a handful of accommodation options for travellers.
Set at the top of the Lubambos, this reserve is home to the Shewula Mountain Camp.
A wild and beautiful landscape, with rare flora and fauna found nowhere else in Eswatini.
This project is made up of 4 of Eswatini's nature reserves teeming with flora and fauna.
Popular tourist spot and home to a cluster of handicraft outlets.
A western suburb of Manzini and the country's primary industrial area.
Eswatini's second biggest city with a busy market and amenities.
A fertile valley with a number of craft outlets and tourist hotspots
A tourist hotspot comprising of live music, arts & crafts and home to the Bushfire Festival.
A town set among the Usuthu forestry plantations with beautiful scenery.
The attractive capital of Eswatini with hotels, shopping centres and traditional markets.
Unspoilt woodlands with a traditional cultural village experience
The spiritual, cultural and political heart of Eswatini.
Large settlement in the North West with Swaziland's most scenic handicraft outlet.
Incredible art by the Sam people up to 4,000 years ago.
The oldest mine in the world.
Experience glass-blowers as they create beautiful sculptures with recycled materials.
Eswatini's tourism hub with an abundance of hotels, lodges and activities
Nestled at the foot of a mountain. A rejuvenated mining town.
Other Eswatini Experiences
The perfect destination for the thrill seeker and adventurous traveller.
You can still experience the 'Big 5' in the little country of Eswatini.
Eswatini has a incredibly diverse terrain with breathtaking views.
Leave your mark on Eswatini by Volunteering.
From championship golf courses, to fishing in the country's many dams.
Eswatini has a annual calendar full of traditional & modern events.