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Yebo Contemporary Art Gallery


Yebo! is a contemporary art gallery and design studio based in Ezulwini Valley. Established in 2010, Yebo is passionate about enabling the growth of the creative economy by working together with the most talented professional and emerging artists in Eswatini and Southern Africa. They host regular exhibitions at their  gallery, 52 to date, two have been at FNB Art Joburg, one in Finland and one in South Africa. They also have an online gallery and ship work globally with DHL. The gallery also has a  lovely small shop selling their own range of unique creative products; T-shirts, art cards, textiles, ceramics, posters etc, all designed and handmade at their workshop.  Their workshop is next to the gallery and visitors are welcome to wander around there. Yebo is also involved in numerous projects involving teaching product design to handcraft groups, community art, installing art in corporate centres and running creative workshops.

Their vision for the next 5 years is to continue growing the creative sector of Eswatini whilst using the arts as a vehicle for positive social change. Art can be a powerful tool for addressing issues around youth engagement, climate change, human rights and freedom of expression.

Yebo is open Monday to Saturday from 9 – 5 pm.

Contact Yebo!
Mpumalanga Road, Ezulwini, Eswatini
+268 2416 2984 / WhatsApp: 7914 6951

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