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African Pewter


African Pewter

Pewter emerges as the unsung hero among alloys, a magical amalgamation of tin, antimony, sometimes copper, bismuth and lead that transcends its conventional use as a favourite material for grandma’s mugs. This extraordinary alloy goes beyond mere functionality, it is a household superstar, a trailblazer in jewellery trends and a dream medium for sculptors. Picture a mystical fusion where the brilliance of tin and hardness of antimony, create an alloy, pewter, that is truly greater than the sum of its parts, an alchemist’s dream manifested in everyday items. At African Pewter, this alloy becomes a canvas for artistry, where each piece is a source of inspiration. The art of pewter, elevated by the skilled hands of local artisans, manifests in a collection that goes beyond functionality; it embodies elegance, creativity, a profound connection between the artist and the medium. These pieces are not just objects; they are expressions of artistic brilliance and craftsmanship.

Why choose African Pewter?

In choosing African Pewter, you are not merely acquiring a product, you are entering a world where every creation is a masterpiece. Whether adorning your home, making an unforgettable gift, or adding a touch of magic to your daily life, African Pewter invites you to experience functional beauty like never before. Every piece tells a story and in the hands of these artisans, that story becomes a part of your journey.

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Mobile:- +268 7943 2545
Shop:  Ngwenya Industrial estates, Ngwenya/ Mbabane MR3 highway, Ngwenya H104, Eswatini